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We are looking for expert skiers with a strong sense of safety, accident prevention, and customer service. For Ski Patrol, the minimum medical requirement is a current NM license as an EMT-Basic.

       Job Description 

The Santa Fe Ski Patrol takes pride in providing top-notch medical care to the sick and injured. We also promote accident reduction through skier education and maintenance of mountain safety and rescue equipment. Our daily activities revolve around an effort to educate the public in responsible enjoyment of the mountain, following the NM Skier Safety Act and the "Your Responsibility Code". Here are some of the tasks we are engaged in on a daily basis.
  • Responding to emergencies and providing medical care to the sick and injured.  This includes medical chart writing and accident documentation (good writing and documentation skills are essential).
  • The transport of patients down the mountain to the base area by toboggan for medical treatment and/or arrangement of transport to a medical facility.
  • Extrication of patients from compromising situations and places, including high angle rescue and emergency chair lift evacuation.
  • Promotion of skier safety and accident reduction through positive interactions with our customers regarding safety and the "Your Resposibility Code." This includes public education and courteous disciplining for reckless behavior.   
  • Maintaining warning signs, merge ropes, ski area boundary ropes, slow panels, padding and fences.
  • Morning mountain set-up and evening sweep.
  • Search and Rescue within the Ski Area boundaries
  • Avalanche control and snow stabilization.
  • Snowmobile operations.




          Safety Team

The Safety Team is an intergral part of the Santa Fe Ski Patrol. Their responsibilities include promotion of the NM Skier Safety Act and the "Your Responsibility Code," as well as assisting with all normal duties of the Ski Patrol. Safety Team does not require EMT certification, but team members are trained to assist the patrol in patient care, extrication, and transport. The Safety Team is an excellant way to transition into the Patrol while gaining experience and knowledge of Ski Patrol operations. It requires strong intermediate to expert skiing skills, but not to the level of the Ski Patrol. Although there is no medical training required for the Safety Team, we strongly encourage such training. The Safety Team is also a great place to start if you are a licensed EMT but don't yet have the requisite skiing ability to patrol. 

    How Can You Join?

If you are interested in applying for a position with the Santa Fe Ski Patrol or Safety Team, complete the section below and we will contact you with information on the application process.  You may also pick up an application in person at the Ski Area or at the address below.

Ski Area:  End of Hyde Park Rd (Hwy 475)
Phone: 505-992-5086

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  • Expert Skiing Ability    You must be able to ski all of the terrain within the ski area boundaries: Glades, Chutes, Steeps, and Moguls, and be able to ski in all snow conditions.  Your skill level must be adequate to transport patients down the mountain in all terrain and conditions. Alpine skis are the preferred type of equipment for emergency response. Snowboards for patrol do not work well because of the difficulty of moving rapidly in flat terrain, particularly in deep snow. This is important when a rapid emergency response is required.
  • Physical Agility and Conditioning:  Ski patrol work can be strenuous and physically demanding. The job requires a high level of physical conditioning, endurance, and strength.  Ski Santa Fe is one of the highest (lift serviced) ski areas in the country with a top elevation of 12,075 ft. An ability to work in harsh mountain conditions is a must. Providing medical care and rescue in extreme weather conditions can be very challenging. You must have the ability to work well under pressure.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to get along well with others. The ability to work without constant supervision, and also as part of a team. 
  • Current New Mexico EMT-Basic, or higher, licensure
  • Successful completion of our pre-employment medical written exam with an 80% or higher score.
  • Availability: We have both full and part time positions, but preference is given to full-time applicants who plan on being around for a few seasons.  If you are applying for a part-time position, you must be able to work enough days per week in the beginning to be adequately trained, and available more during Christmas and Spring breaks.
  • Equipment:  You must provide your own personal equipment: skis, boots, bindings, layering clothes, eyewear, gloves, etc.  The Ski Area will provide outer wear and medical vest/pack with EMS supplies.